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Get It Done Fitness offers Group Classes of Strength Training combined with Kickboxing using standing commercial grade heavy bags, plus others Cardio Equipment i.e (treadmills, spinning bikes, air bikes, rowers, skierg, Jacob ladder, stair master, etc). Our Osseo/Maple Grove location has two rooms separated by a wall with a pathway door between them. In one side is for the group classes and on the other side we have a fully equipped 24/7 Open Gym Access. We also offer Private Personal Training and Nutritional Coaching.  Amenities include: free wifi, private parking, bike stand, restrooms and shower.

Our Wayzata location offers the Group Classes of ‘Strength Training combined with Kickboxing using standing commercial grade heavy bags, plus other Cardio equipment i.e (treadmill, spinning bike, air bikes, rowers, skiergs, etc). Our Wayzata location also offers an area for Private Personal Training as well as Nutritional Coaching. Amenities include: free wifi, changing rooms, private parking, bike stand, and restrooms.

We offer different gym membership packages that will accommodate everyone’s wish list!

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I love, love, love this gym. I was looking for a fitness class that provided kick boxing along with strength training. I needed the additional motivation to keep me on track. I met with Jose (owner) to tour the gym and ask questions prior to joining. Jose and trainers are all very friendly and welcoming and work with you based on your personal fitness needs. There are no judgements here. Classes use a variety of exercise equipment beyond anything you would have in your home. Every day is different, so you are always being challenged and working different muscle groups. Gym is very clean and neatly organized. Class sizes are small, so it has the feel of your very own personal trainer. Trainers are very knowledgeable on fitness and make sure you are reaching your potential.

You will be greeted on a first name basis here. If you want a great workout with trainers that care you need to get to this gym ASAP. You will not be disappointed

Eileen Olson

Are you hesitant to join? Don’t be! I have been to so many gyms and to so many training classes and I’ve always left after day one. I always left because I felt like a fish out of water. Everyone knew what to do, and I was that one girl that didn’t have a clew what SB or DB or any of the lingo and hated when the coaches would yell “come on keep up!”, it made me feel inadequate. GIDF coaches are so friendly, they take their time to help your figure it all out. They work with you, they LISTEN to you! They understand that if your a beginner you won’t have all the energy or the knowledge to do it all. They will Taylor your work out to you. I have never felt more welcomed to a gym/class like I have felt here. They have welcomed me and I feel like part of a family. So don’t hesitate, you will love it! Thanks GIDF team!

Belkis Cruz

I absolutely love this gym. It’s a locally owned gym by people who truly care about each member’s experience. The classes are fun and made for people of all fitness levels, and has a nice community of members that all care about each other’s goals. They have all the machines you need, and ownership is constantly making improvements to all aspects to create a great workout for everyone. It’s the place I look forward to going to daily!!

James Wallenberg
I just joined in the last month and I’m loving the variety and intensity of the workouts. The kickboxing is a great release combined with functional strength moves. Jose has a great energy and is a motivating trainer. The gym is extremely clean and safe. The other participants are very friendly and welcoming and there are all different levels of fitness in the classes. I really enjoy my new gym!
Tahna Blue
After my gym (9 round) closed I didn’t know if I would find another one that I would like as much…boy was I wrong. From the minute I walked into Get it done fitness I felt welcome. The workouts are fun and energetic. Don’t get me wrong they are tough, but the trainers and the other people in the class keep the momentum going! I push myself harder knowing that I have the trainers and the entire class pushing right along side of me.
Deb K