Class Schedule

In order to be successful at cleaning between classes, we have made some small changes on the current class schedule and so we hope these changes won’t affect anyone’s personal schedule. Classes are 1 hour long.


AM Groups

6:00  |  7:15  |  9:00

PM Groups
12:15  |  3:30  |  5:15  |  6:30


AM Groups

 6:00  |  7:15  |  9:00

PM Groups
12:15  |  3:30


AM Groups Only
8:00  |  9:30

Please book your classes online

While booking online is not mandatory, if you show up to a class that’s full without booking online to reserve your spot ahead of time, you will not be to join the class. However, you will still be able to access the 24/7 Open Access Gym. Thank you for your understanding!

Schedule Online


If you book and don’t show up to your class, you will be charged a $10 dollars fee to your account. If you no-show, you might be taking the spot of someone else who wanted to come and Get It Done. We understand that accidents happen and you might not intend to miss a class…however, we still need to pay our coaches, so we must charge you a fee in order to cover the cost of providing a great team for you!

  • For all MORNING CLASSES you must book your classes by 9pm the night before to secure your spot.
  • For all AFTERNOON/EVENING CLASSES you must book your classes at no later than 2 hours before class begins, obviously the earlier you book the better chances to secure your spot. So, please book if you know you can make it.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!!

Closed Holidays

Memorial Day
4th of July
Labor day
Christmas Eve (ONLY MORNING CLASSES – subject to change)
Christmas Day
New Year’s Eve (CLASSES ONLY AT 5, 6, 7am and 3:30 and 4:30pm – subject to change)
New Year’s Day